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Greases and Lubes

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Total Oil Trans. Syn NA 75W90 (1L)

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CAD $175.77

Total Oil Trans. Syn Na 75W90 (60L)

TRANSMISSION SYN NA provides excellent wear protection over a wide range of load and operating temperatures. TRANSMISSION SYN NA, multi-grade, all season lubricant offers quick warm-up at low temperatures and great thermal protection under high temperature regimes.
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CAD $800.89

Valvoline Disc/Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease (4lb)

Description: Meets high temperature requirements of all disc and drum brakes and similar applications. Meets Ford specification MIC 198-A. Polyurea base. Rated GC-LB by NLGI. NLGI #2, drop point 520°F.
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CAD $59.40
Showing 49 - 51 of 51 results