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Champion - Honda HM21C Small Engine Tune-up Kit - Honda 3.5-5.0 horsepower lawn mower engines

Champion all-in-one tune-up kits include everything needed for a quality lawn mower tune-up. The top of the package serves as the oil funnel and the base as the drain pan for used oil. Includes Champion RN9YC spark plug, air filter # 17210-ZE6-505/17210-ZE6-003/17211-888-013, 20 fl. oz. 30W oil and 2.5 fl. oz. fuel stabilizer. Specially formulated 4-cycle oil with higher detergency and anti-wear additives. For use with Honda 3.5-5.0 horsepower lawn mower engines (GV150, GV200, GXV120, GXV140, GXV1210).
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CAD $28.19

Champion Honda Lawn Mower Tune Up Kit 5+HP HRM | HRS | HRX | Harmony II | HM22C

Complete All-In-One Small Engine Tune-Up Kit Champion All-In-One Tune-Up Kits Include Everything Needed For A Quality Lawn Mower Tune-Up. The Top Of The Package Serves As The Oil Funnel And The Base As The Drain Pan For Used Oil. Includes Champion Spark Plug, Air Filter, Oil And Fuel Stabilizer. Convenient Packaging Converts To An Oil Funnel And Drain Pan Includes 1 Champion Spark Plug, 1 Air Filter, 1 Bottle Of Oil And 1 Bottle Of Fuel Stabilizer Specially Formulated 4-Cycle Oil Features Higher Detergency And Anti-Wear Additives For Use With Honda HRM, HRR, HRS, HRX, Or Harmony Ll 5.0+ Horsepower (HP) Lawn Mower Engines Kit Contents: Champion Spark Plug #322 RN11YC4, Air Filter #17211-Z68-00317210-Z68-000, 30W Oil (20 Fl Oz/590 Ml), Fuel Stabilizer (2.5 Fl Oz/73.75ml)
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CAD $27.11
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 results