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Champion BS12 - Lawn and Garden Tune-Up Kit, 3.5HP - 4.5HP Briggs & Stratton Classic, Sprint, Quattro Engines

Champion all-in-one tune-up kits include everything needed for a quality lawn mower tune-up. The top of the package serves as the oil funnel and the base as the drain pan for used oil. Includes Champion RJ19LM spark plug, air filter #698369/5088D, 20 fl. oz. 30W oil and 2.5 fl. oz. fuel stabilizer. Specially formulated 4-cycle oil with higher detergency and anti-wear additives. For use with Briggs & Stratton 3.5-4.5 horsepower Q45, Classic, Sprint, or Quattro engines.
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CAD $35.20 CAD $21.99

Champion Lawn Mower Tune Up Kit Briggs & Stratton 3.5HP-4.5HP Classic, Sprint, Quattro BS12c

Champion All-In-One Tune-Up Kits Include Everything Needed For A Quality Lawn Mower Tune-Up. The Top Of The Package Serves As The Oil Funnel And The Base As The Drain Pan For Used Oil. Includes Champion Spark Plug, Air Filter, Oil And Fuel Stabilizer. Convenient Packaging Converts To An Oil Funnel And Drain Pan Includes 1 Champion Spark Plug, 1 Air Filter, 1 Bottle Of Oil And 1 Bottle Of Fuel Stabilizer Specially Formulated 4-Cycle Oil Features Higher Detergency And Anti-Wear Additives For Use With Briggs & Stratton 3.5 - 4.5 Horsepower (HP) Q45, Classic, Sprint, Or Quattro Engines Kit Contents: Champion Spark Plug #868 RJ19LM, Air Filter #6983695088D, 30W Oil (20 Fl Oz/590ml), Fuel Stabilizer (2.5 Fl Oz/73.75ml)
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CAD $38.12 CAD $21.92

Stens Oil Filter - Briggs & Stratton 492932S

SPECS Thread3/4"-16 Height2 1/4" Micron28 Made ByAn OEM Supplier Made in USA 7-9 PSI pressure relief valve Anti-drain valve Color may vary from OEM OD3"
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CAD $11.99

Stens - 150-292 - Starter Drive Gear, Briggs & Stratton - 695708

SPECS OD1 5/8" Teeth16 For aluminum and plastic ring gears Composite drive gear
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CAD $8.54

Stens - 485-023 Air Cleaner Gasket Briggs & Stratton - 795629

Briggs & Stratton - 795629
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CAD $3.86

Stens 485-185 Float Bowl Gasket Briggs & Stratton 270511

Float Bowl Gasket for Briggs & Stratton 270511
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CAD $2.81