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Lucas Oil 10652- Synthetic SAE 75W-90 M8 Marine Gear Oil 1 quart

For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
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PICO 732-31 - 27/31 Battery Box 13-7/8X8

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PICO 731-31 24 Battery Box 11X6.75X8

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New Pig 18609 Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool, 6.5" x 14.5"

Mold, bend and twist into custom shapes to create leakproof channels for draining oil; can also be formed into funnels, drip trays and other liquid-management tools. Soft rubber edge forms a seal around filters or drains; Tool stays in place for hands-free draining and channeling. Thick, pliable nitrile rubber coating completely encases a thin, bendable layer of lead; reshape and reuse thousands of times without fazing it. Highly compatible nitrile ensures safe handling when used with common vehicle liquids and chemicals; works in temperatures from -30°F to 425°F. Cleans easily with a wet rag; also compatible with most cleaners and degreasers. Store flat or roll up to take along in your tool box or glove compartment.
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New Pig - 18714 - 8.625” x 22” Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool

Moldable alloy core encapsulated in thick, pliable nitrile rubber can be reshaped and reused thousands of times. Easy to clean and store. Creates a leak-proof seal around filters or drains. Impervious to vehicle fluids and works in temperatures from -30F to 425F.
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