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Grote Battery Tender Plus - 021-0128-CA

Technical specifications Voltage: 1.25 Amps @ 12V Pack Quantity: 1 Operation: 1.25 Amps @ 12V
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Old price: 2,474.03 (MXN)
1,648.97 (MXN)
Features & benefits
  • Reverse polarity protected & spark proof
  • Comes with battery clamps and ring terminal connections
  • Safety timer (72 hours)- prevents damage to marginal batteries
  • At 1.25A - will charge as fast or faster than any 3A charger available
  • Automatically switches to float/maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery
  • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell)
  • Complete four-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, float mode)
  • Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature